ONGC Ahmedabad - Junior Consultants and Associate Consultants - Recruitment 2022

ONGC Ahmedabad Asset are inviting application from qualified & experienced retired ONGC personnel from Production and Electrical disciplines to appear for Junior Consultants and Associate Consultants for Surface Team and Engineering Services on contractual basis for a period of One Year as per following details:

  • 1. Details



Junior Consultant

*Associate Consultant


Required Experience

Up to E3 level

E3 level

E4 level

E5 level

Surface Team







Retired ONGC executives at E3 to E5 level of Production discipline with knowledge in Surface installations.







Retired ONGC executives at E3 to E5 level of Electrical discipline with knowledge in Electrical system.

Engineering Services







Retired ONGC executives up to E3 level of Electrical discipline with knowledge in Engineering Services.








  • i) *The retired executive of E6 level can also apply for the post of Associate Consultant. They will be considered with capping of remuneration to Associate Consultant (E4 to E5), only in case of non-availability of E4 – E5 level retired executives.
  • ii) For Electrical discipline in Engineering Services, executive up to E3 level can apply for Junior Consultant.

Age Criteria: Less than 65 years of age at the time of engagement.

  • 2. How to Apply:

Eligible interested candidates are required to send the scanned copy of Application duly signed in the format given at Annexure-I of this advertisement to the email address: BHARGAVA_VIKAS@ONGC.CO.IN as non-editable file on or before 30/03/2022.

  • 3. For Further clarification may contact SHRI VIKAS BHARGAVA, GM, (P),  9428330335.
  • 4. Date, Venue and reporting time for written test and interview will be intimated to shortlisted candidates in due course through e-mails.

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  • 5. Monthly Remuneration / Emoluments:

Associate Consultant (E4 & E5 Level): ₹ 66000.00 (inclusive of all) + ₹ 2000.00 (maximum) communication facilities against submission of invoice.

Junior Consultant (Up to E3 Level): ₹ 40000.00 (inclusive of all) + ₹ 2000.00 (maximum) communication facilities against submission of invoice.

  • 6. Terms & Conditions of the Engagement:
  • i) He / She will not be eligible for any other Benefits/Allowance/ Facilities/Incentives etc. as admissible to regular/tenure employee of the Corporation.
  • ii) Engaged personnel shall be required to work at any Installation/ Work Centre in General / Round the Clock shift duty, as per requirement. However, in case of exigency, he/she shall work for extended hours/holidays to complete the work without any additional payment. Duty pattern may also change at the discretion of the ONGC management.
  • iii) He / She shall be eligible for one day paid leave for every completed month of duty. The leave shall be calculated on pro-rata basis and would lapse upon completion of tenure. No encashment of leave shall be allowed.
  • iv) ONGC shall have the right to cancel the engagement at any time without assigning any reason thereof. However, in the normal course, engagement may be terminated from either side, without assigning any reason, by giving one month's notice.
  • v) The engaged personnel will not have any financial power.
  • vi) The engaged personnel will have to make his/ her own arrangements of stay in Ahmedabad.
  • vii) MHA guidelines in respect of Covid-19 in vogue at the time of engagement and during the tenure will be applicable.
  • viii) He / She will have no right to claim for regular employment in ONGC later, by virtue of this contractual engagement.
  • ix) The selected candidate will have to sign an agreement/contract with ONGC for the prospective period.
  • x) Terms and conditions of this engagement shall be subject to change(s) from time to time based on Company's latest policy. In case of any conflict, guidelines published by the company through different circulars / office orders or through its official portal shall be considered as binding.
  • xi) 80% of the monthly honorarium along with the reimbursement towards conveyance and expenses towards office at residence would be paid on monthly basis. The remaining amount of 20% of the monthly honorarium shall be paid after assessment of the performance at the end of the engagement period and on completion of assigned tasks.
  • xii) The reimbursement of Mobile Bill up to maximum ₹ 2000.00 per month shall be made upon submission of bill/invoice.
  • xiii) In case of absenteeism, deduction @ (Monthly Honorarium payable / Days of respective month) per day for the entire period of absence shall be applicable from the monthly payment due to him.
  • 7. Role & Responsibility:


The Associate Consultant / Junior Consultant shall be responsible for complete supervision of activities associated with Surface installations in General / Round the Clock shift duty pattern such as:

  • i) Adequate inspection of the installation & work centre and the equipment thereof.
  • ii) A thorough supervision of all operations at the installation/ work centre.

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  • iii) Installation, running and maintenance, in safe working order, of all machinery in the mine.
  • iv) To help in complying the requirements of Oil Mines Regulations, Compliance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Statutory guidelines and Mines Act.
  • v) Regular update of QHSE documentation.
  • vi) Smooth execution of surface operations in co-ordination with Installation Manager and other departments.
  • vii) Any other responsibilities required as per DGMS and other statuary authorities.
  • viii) Maintaining daily activity report and submit the same to Installation Manager.


The Junior Consultant shall be responsible for following activities associated with Engineering Services:

    • i) For liaising with local authorities for smooth drilling / workover rig movement of Ahmedabad Asset.
    • ii) Smooth execution of ONGC operations in co-ordination with other departments.
    • iii) Any other responsibilities required as per ONGC authorities.

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